I spent some time getting acquainted with the Gakken Premium Theremin and was pretty impressed with it, especially considering the relatively low price tag. Unlike most theremins this one runs off battery power, so an armband contact is used in place of an earth-ground reference.

The unit sports fine/coarse pitch & volume pots, 1/8″ audio out jack, mounting thread for an instrument stand, built in speaker, and a master volume control. It’s also worth noting that the antennae jacks are compatible with standard banana style plugs – which will likely come in handy for future experiments. The instrument is quite fun to use as is though I’m sure I’ll open it up at some point for modding. If you’ve bent/modded/hacked a Theremin Premium, be sure to let us know in the comments or add a pic & info to the Flickr pool.

In the Maker Shed:

Gakken Theremin Premium

4 thoughts on “Getting to know the Gakken Theremin Premium

  1. I am the Technician for the SF Opera and thought this is one instrument that none of the 70 players could tell me how to play.

  2. true – playing an instrument without tangible feedback is quite a change from the norm!

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