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This is a really interesting iTunes controller created by Emily duff. Inside “Monty”, the little yellow monster, is an accelerometer that is controlled by an Arduino. Version 2.0 of Monty is going to add extra features and hopefully go wireless! Check out the link for more information and the source code.

Monty iTunes Controller v.1 uses accelerometer data to control iTunes. Depending on Monty’s position, data is sent via the serial port to an AppleScript to communicate with iTunes. The motions are a bit exaggerated currently, because my X and Y values are very small, this will change in v.2 to allow for a greater range of motion.

More about Monty iTunes Controller v.1

In the Maker Shed:


In the Maker Shed: Memsic 2125 accelerometer

2 thoughts on “Monty iTunes Controller v.1

  1. Why doesn’t a Chumby work like this?

    However, I’d make the volume controllable by tilting it backwards and forwards.

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