ToorCamp call for makers!

h1kari, of ToorCamp, sent us the following Call for Makers:

ToorCamp is a 4-day outdoor camping event happening in at a decommissioned Titan-1 Missile Silo in Central Washington. We’re looking for some brave makers to come out, showcase their work, and have fun collaborating with hundreds of software and hardware hackers, tinkerers, makers, breakers, and like-minded individuals at the US’s first “hacker” camp similar to the famous ones thrown by the Chaos Computer Club in Germany and hackers in Holland. Selected makers will receive free admission to the camp and the esteem of being honored guests at a once in a lifetime event.

More information at Toorcamp.org. Email h1kari@toorcon.org if you are interested in coming out and showing off your inventions or have any questions.

And if you do submit something, we’d like to hear about it too, and we might post it here as well.


2 thoughts on “ToorCamp call for makers!

  1. Oooh, cool! I was way too lazy to try and put together a talk for ToorCamp, so this might be a great excuse to go! Now to find a suitable invention…

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