I’m incredibly impressed with this video of a few English youngsters hacking together some Arduino + plush toys to make their imagined scenarios. Peter Kirn put it best when it wrote about it on Create Digital Motion:

Media artists and design houses around the world: you’ve got nothing on this group of eight to eleven-year old English girls, bravely exploring interaction design, soft toy hacks, and physical computing using the open source Arduino platform to animate cats, mice, and elephants.

Just how comfortable are these kids with technology? Comfortable enough that a robotic, killer elephant with glowing eyes is “cute.”

Give them a couple of decades, and I think they’ll invent Cylons. I can’t wait.

Now I have to sing “I believe that children are our future…”

Take it from me, one of the only female writers for Make: Online, when I say “you go, girls!” (Yes, I believe that’s the only time I’ve ever used that expression.)