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Here’s a motorized mountainboard built by some mechanical engineering students from Colorado State. I love the hand-controller/horn cased inside of a hair dryer. A downloadable PDF has the build notes and parts list.

Gadget Freak Case 140: Motorized Mountainboard

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  1. Way To Go Colorado State!

    Nice project; way to go showing up the ECE 476 guys at Cornell with their fart sensor and led piano!

  2. Affix the bottom section and the lower part support ready. Add glues around the edges of the bottom panel, position it on the top support support, and then add screws–evenly spaced–from the front bottom through the foundation panel. Then add activity screws–evenly spaced–around the side types into the base panel. Last of all, glue the bottom brace into position, making sure the sides are clean with the floor panel.

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