The Martha Stewart Show has now added the entire episode in their Archive. Enjoy!


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At the beginning of April I was lucky enough to go to New York City to help Mark Frauenfelder, editor-in-chief of MAKE, prepare for his appearance on The Martha Stewart Show!


The show was taped on April 1st, and will finally air this coming Monday, May 18. You can see a quick preview by clicking here, and then clicking on Monday’s show at the top.

On an insider’s note, being at the studio and taping the show was fun and exciting. The amount of lights, cameras, tools, and other accoutrements was mind-boggling. All the staff were friendly and helpful and very, very competent at what they do.

Even when some of our projects were lost for several hours in transit, everyone was calm, cool, and collected. I, on the other hand, started to run down 20+ blocks, from Midtown to Chelsea, desperately trying to figure out where we were going to find a cigar box, an old VCR, an electric screwdriver, and some lumber at 6 p.m. on a Monday in Manhattan.


Dress rehearsal with the producer and Mark Frauenfelder; the teleprompter proudly displays the MAKE name!

But no need for alarm; the projects were found and worked great on camera, Mark did a fantastic job describing and demoing the projects, and then for the finale, he and Martha made little vibrating robots out of a candy tin, a paperclip, and a motor from a Dollar Store fan. The audience seemed to like it, the staff liked it, and Martha kept one afterward, so I’m guessing she liked it!

Don’t forget to watch or DVR Monday’s Martha show! Yay, Mark!


Sometimes helpful editor and digital media director at MAKE and CRAFT.

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