This guy made his own version of the commercially-available Kitty Cot that we posted about before.

Cat Window Seat

12 thoughts on “DIY cat perch

  1. I’m surprised this can hold up to the terminal velocity of a cat with only 4 suction cups… The array of suction cups that hold up my axe soap hardly work half as good as that.

  2. This should have been edited down to the 10 seconds of interesting action. The photographer must have been bored too, since he left to take a whiz while the camera was running. [note toilet flush and zipper sounds]

  3. When the second cat showed up I was thinking ” well here goes the real acid test.”. But I’ll bet in a day or so the suction cups will loosen and thats when I like to see it, cat snoozing happly away and ” Kat-twang ” a suction cup breaks away and dumps a confused cat on the floor.

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