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Maker Cy Tymony in LA’s Daily Breeze

MAKE contributor Cy Tymony got a nice little write-up in the Daily Breeze, talking about his book, Sneaky Green Uses for Everyday Things:

“I try to look at every little thing people throw away and say, `What can we do with it?”‘ said Tymony, 53, of Torrance. “The good thing is, spare parts are everywhere.

‘(The book) is about being resourceful,’ said Tymony, who has his own gadget watch (he never wears it to the airport) complete with hidden match heads, a rudimentary fishing rod, a flashlight and about 20 other emergency items. ‘When you’re resourceful, you will find out how much power you have that’s latent.’

For Tymony, who works full time as a computer support technician for the Federal Aviation Administration and has in the past worked as an auto mechanic, a TV repairman and a computer technician, the ideas never stop.

‘I’m always thinking,’ he said. ‘The idea is to never throw things away.'”

Author Cy Tymony has ideas for recycled items


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