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Here’s the latest from media art superstar Zach Lieberman and friends:

Lights On is an audio visual performance created for the Ars Electronica museum in Linz, Austria, which has a facade that contains 1085 LED controllable windows. The windows’ colors are changed in realtime with music that’s broadcasted on speakers surrounding the building.

Visuals coded in openFrameworks by Zachary Lieberman, Joel Gethin Lewis and Damian Stewart (yesyesno). music by Daito Manabe, with support from Taeji Sawai and Kyoko Koyama. We made this in three days :)

The performance is approximately 10 minutes long. this is an edit. also, we’ve recorded the output from the software (audio / OSC) and this performance can be replayed in the future for events, etc.

Here are two places to find more info on the hardware setup for the facade lighting.

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  1. Sometimes I wonder how we see so many openFrameworks projects when openFrameworks hasn’t even been released to the public yet…

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