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In the Maker Shed: Pre-order the BlimpDuino kit by Chris Anderson

The BlimpDuino is the latest creation by Chris Anderson of Wired Magazine and Jordi Munoz of DIY Drones. This amazing kit will make its debut at Maker Faire Bay Area on May 30th & 31st. Be sure to stop by the Maker Shed to see BlimpDuino flying all around.


  • 17 grams, with ultrasonic and IR sensors.
  • Controls two motors and one vectoring servo.
  • Built-in RC compatibility (can read two RC channels–throttle and steering)
  • Designed for a 7.4v LiPo battery; has an automatic power cut-off at low voltage to protect the battery

The BlimpDuino kit is a very low cost, open source, autonomous blimp. It consists of an Arduino-based blimp controller board with on-board infrared and ultrasonic sensors and an interface for an optional RC mode, a simple gondola with two vectoring (tilting) differential thrusters, and ground-based infrared beacon.

We will begin shipping the week of May 25th.

In the Maker Shed: BlimpDuino kit by Chris Anderson