We’re still doing our contests to try and encourage people to sign up for our MAKE channel on Twitter. Here are last week’s Maker’s Notebook winners:

@allgeektout, @mclightning @ItsUnbelievable, @loriloper, @fusionlin If you haven’t DM’d us your mailing address to us on Twitter, do it soon so we can send you a book!

The winner for the Arduino MEGA is: @utahfm

Sign up @make for a chance to win. And BIG THANKS to Dan, Marc, Rob, and everyone in the Maker Shed for making these giveaways available to us!

Going to the Maker Faire? Then sign up for our FaireTraffic channel. We’ll be getting in all sorts of in-the-field info from fairgoers about traffic and parking conditions and sending out updates. Twitter will be our sensor net, letting us know what’s going on in getting folks into and out of the fair.


Speaking of traveling to the Faire, check out the Get There: Car and Get There: Train/Bus/Bike pages on the Faire site.