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More amazing protos


After seeing our previous proto pr0n post, Alberto wrote us pointing out the meticulous proto layouts from ChaN. Another great example of much of someone with obvious love for the craft, we’ve featured several of ChaN’s excellent AVR projects in the past – I’m still a big fan of the Wavetable Melody Generator code.

10 thoughts on “More amazing protos

  1. I totally get you on this! In my office/Electronics Laboratory I have hanging on the wall a set of beautifully hand-drawn schematics I obtained from a retired EE I know here in town. They just look so fitting and quite beautiful framed.

    I, too, would love a print of these boards. I’m impressed with the SMT work they’ve done! I might just try that today to see if it’s as difficult as it looks. Does one really save time by doing protos like that, or would it be more time effective to do a quick etching. Of course, etched boards can’t be simply rerouted.

    Enough of my rambling. Just wanted to say that I consur on your comment about prints of this beauty.

  2. great work by ChaN. show us the way! I see some difficult connections on there – attaching multiple wires to one point is tricky b/c the first wire tends to pop off when you heat up the joint to attach the next wire. I find this is the hardest part about tiny hand-wired protos. but I havent gone smaller than 0.1″ pitch. this is amazingly tiny. coffee jitters dont help ;)

    all in all, this is probably the fastest and cheapest way to test out a hardware idea.

    awesome work.

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