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Jenine Bressner is a talented glass artist from Rhode Island as well as an all-around kind and enthusiastic crafter. Viewing her gallery of amazing handmade creations is sure to blow your mind. Jenine has been at two previous Maker Faires and we’re thrilled she’s making the trek from the East Coast to join us again this year. She is going to be showing us Glass Flamework with a Portable Setup! Come meet her in San Mateo on May 30th and 31st and learn how her creations come to be. In her own words, “Flameworking, lampworking, or torchworking glass is an affordable and portable practice for anyone who wants to try hot glass sculpture on a small scale. It’s like drawing mid-air with molten glass!” Check out this great video that showcases many of Jenine’s pieces. Jenine collaborated with Arley Rose Torsone for Bjork’s Innocence video competition. Jenine made the Bjork doll and constructed the sets, as well as flameworked all of the glass components throughout the video.

Today is the last day to get advanced pricing on tickets. Get your tickets now and come play with us!