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I love orchids, and this year for the first time I went to the Pacific Orchid Expo in San Francisco. I saw some amazing plants and flowers. I left the event very inspired and decided to try the technique many growers use of mounting the orchids on branches or boards, where they can hang vertically. Orchids love being suspended because it allows their roots to drain freely. The visual effect is beautiful, and allows gardeners to make the most of small spaces. Try to find some coco fiber instead of dirt for this project; orchids thrive in it, and it is also very lightweight.


Sphagnum moss
Small amount of dirt or coco fiber
Fiskars Floral Shears
18-gauge floral wire


Step 1: Wait until the orchid you want to plant has finished blooming, then cut the stem at the base. Remove the plant from its pot and shake loose any bark or dirt from its roots.
Step 2: Loop a length of wire around 2 opposite corners of the board. Twist the 2 ends of the wire together in the back.
Step 3: Next, lay a pile of sphagnum moss on the center of the board. Then add a handful of dirt on top. Add the orchid to the pile on the board. Cover it with a second handful of dirt, and a final layer of moss.
Step 4: Secure it to the board with wire. Wrap wire back and forth, starting at one of the pre-wired corner. Lace the new length of wire across the moss and orchid several times. Tug the wires tight to cinch them down and hold the plant against the board firmly. The board can be hung indoors or out.

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