[Photo via ESPN]

If you want to drive like a rocketeer, or maybe you just don’t want to be bothered with checking your air pressure, then take a look at the Tweel.

Airless tires could solve a number of problems associated with pneumatic tire technology.

The Tweel, an experimental tire and wheel combination developed by Michelin, is designed to replace today’s air-filled tires. Flexible polyurethane spokes deflect over obstacles.

The technology has been under development for a few years.

Recently, I had a flat on my vehicle, and left the spare off of the holder while the repair was being done. I realized how heavy the tires on the car are every time I opened or closed the back gate. Tires weigh at least a couple hundred pounds of the vehicle’s weight, decreasing fuel economy through inertia. I doubt that the tweel as configured would work well in snowy driving, it looks like the snow and ice would jam into the gaps and throw the balance way off, making for a very bumpy ride. Certainly, there are people working up solutions to that problem.

[Thanks Sandy!]