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Eggshell speakers

From the MAKE Flickr pool

Wow – Gomhi made these incredible little speakers out of actual eggshells! –

Handcraft loudspeakers using chicken eggshell as cabinet. They sound narrow, but I’m pleased about the result.
Driver unit is Hi-Vi B1S.

(I’ll kindly omit the usual “egg” puns) I’d imagine cutting the shell so neatly would be a rather delicate process – take a closer look on Flickr.

10 thoughts on “Eggshell speakers

      1. Hahaha the great thing with giving words to sound is it can be as ambiguous as you want.

        I’m pretty sure he means narrow as a small part of the spectrum is heard clearly and the rest is lacking. Probably, no bass or treble, just ‘middle’.

  1. Wide would mean having a wide frequency range, narrow meaning – well I think you get the idea, btw egg-cellent post, sorry I couldn’t resist

  2. This speaker driver would perform quite better if in a proper enclosure, I think. Probably my stuff haven’t achieved such great performance.

    My intention about “narrow” is as paolo kindly described it.


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