Sea Perch: coming to Maker Faire

[Photo from MIT Sea Perch on Flickr]

Want to build a quick and functional underwater vehicle, but don’t want to spend a pile of money? The Sea Perch may be just the project for you and your students. Based on Build Your own Underwater Robot, you can get the up to date text online. There is a wealth of info on their site to use for curriculum resources.

The Sea Perch is a simple remotely operated underwater vehicle (ROV) made from PVC pipe and other inexpensive, easily available materials. The Sea Perch Program trains educators around the world to build Sea Perch and use them as an interactive platform to ignite student’s enthusiasm for science, technology, and engineering.


[Photo from MIT Sea Perch on Flickr]

Two of my students are using the Sea Perch documentation to make their own ROV. We are finding that the information in the manual is very easy to follow, concisely written and a great guide to getting into the water quickly. If you are looking for the fastest way to get kids excited about building underwater vehicles, you should check out the Sea Perch project. The build guide gives a basic instruction, and from there, you can modify and hack it to your own needs.

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