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MIDI step sequencer with Arduino


[warning: volume spike around 1m35s]

After running into some trouble assembling a Gorf sequencer kit, Larsby decided to design his own –

I wanted a bigger display, so that I could fiddle around with different setups and functions. I wanted rotary encoders (endless) so that I would need fewer then 1 per step. I wanted MIDI-out, to you know, control stuff.
Luckily for me I have a interaction-designer-musician friend that I can discuss with. So we iterated the idea back and forth. He’s suggestions where all great, but I didn’t take them all. Had this been a mass-market product I where going to try to sell I’d probably taken them all, right now I only took the ones that I wanted!

Relevant code plus links to the resources he used for the project can be found on his site.

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