Here come wings for your Arduino

When not working on Make: television, writing for Make: Online, and working as a character mechanic for Disney, our bud John Edgar Park, along with fellow MAKE contributors Brian Jepson and Tod Kurt, have been burning the midnight solder on some new peripherals for the Arduino world that they’ve dubbed WingShields. The first kit in the “wing-format” is the ScrewShield, a header pins-to-screw terminal blocks board. The kit includes 1 Analog-side PCB, 1 Digital-side PCB, 2 sets of 6-pin stacky female header pins, 2 sets of 8-pin stacky female header pins, enough terminal blocks to fill 34 holes on the board (these come in 2- and 3-terminal units, which slot together). The pins on the headers are extra-long to allow for stacking over or under other shields.

The ScrewShield is “premiering” at Maker Faire this weekend and will be available in the Maker Shed at the Faire. After that, it’ll be available for Maker Shed mail order (as well as at other online kit retailers).

Congrats on the new venture, guys!

WingShield Industries

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