Roll Your Own Protoboard

From the MAKE Flickr pool

Besides having one of the most awesome Flickr handles ever, Thunderhammer3000 has an interesting strategy for prototype boards –

If you’ve ever used those cheapo one-side Radioshack (or knockoff) protoboards, you’re familiar the the problems with them. But I noticed that I had no such problems with kits from Adafruit, Maker Shed, etc.

Why? Because their boards are through hole plated, the contacts are plated (unlike cheap protoboards which corrode so you can’t get a good connection), and they have a nice solder mask.

After spending countless hours struggling to debug issues with protoboards – even the expensive ones – I decided to just design my own.

definitely seems a worthwhile endeavor if you find yourself using mostly the same parts on each project – at around $4 per board it could be an affordable timesaver. More info on the photo’s page.