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Last night, a bunch of the MAKE team went to San Francisco to put on a little Maker Faire preview for attendees of the Google I/O conference at the Mascone Center. Besides MAKE/Make: Online, and Maker Shed, there were folks there from adafruit industries, Instructables, Evil Mad Scientist Labs, Sternlabs, Cyclcide, and more. We had a good time, met some interesting people, and convinced (hopefully) a bunch of them to join us for the Faire this weekend.

Here is one of the cool devices demoed at the Google I/O Conference Sandbox, It’s a dynamic Lego Bar Chart built using the Lego Mindstorms NXT System.

Lego Bar Chart

6 thoughts on “Lego bar chart at Google I/O

  1. I’d love to see this hooked up to windows media player to act as an equaliser visualisation. Good use of the Mindstorms kit :D

  2. I really would like to refrain from making a comment about it looking phallic;
    Too late!
    They could have at least used a different color.

    1. It’s muppet colored, pervert…

      The problem with this is that if I built something I’d want to keep it, and keep on developing, and mindstorms is too expensive.

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