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Android seems to be popping up on everything these days. Netbooks, set-top boxes, embedded devices, washing machines, E-Ink displays, you name it. Of the many available solutions out there it seems that some folks are having great success with OMAP-based solutions such as Gumstix and the Beagle Board. The combination of low power and high performance delivers reasonably efficient Android-based solutions that fit well in tight spaces.

One thing that impressed me in the above videos is Android’s ability to adapt to the display. Full-screen web browsing seems right at home on the Beagle Board connected to an external monitor.

10 thoughts on “Android on OMAP

  1. OMAP is a mobile multimedia chip: smartphones are part of its target market. I don’t know offhand of any phones that integrate it however, Qualcomm dominates that segment.

    Anyhow, Android was made to run on chips like the OMAP. I’d be surprised if Google didn’t already try it out internally.

    1. Of course OMAP is targeted towards smartphones and, by extension, Android. I thought folks might be interested in seeing others successfully boot up on well known gear.

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