CRAFT Summer Camp
How-To: Bagalopes
By Stephanie Scheetz

The bagalope, a simple gift bag made from an envelope, is a project I’ve shared with countless people over many years. I’m still tickled by their reaction when they learn how it’s created. “That bag started as an envelope? No way.” Never has the term “pushing the envelope” been truer than with this practical paper project.
All you will need is an envelope, glue stick, liquid glue, scissors, ruler, scoring tool, pencil, rubber stamps, and ink pads (along with any other embellishments you want to add).
Download the project as a PDF.
About the Author:
Stephanie Scheetz ( has been a designer and instructor in the craft industry for nearly 15 years. Her hobbies include thrift store shopping, eBaying, and collecting mail art, prison art, and bad art.