June GO Tech (Ann Arbor, MI), Tuesday, June 9, 7PM

The June GO-Tech (Ann Arbor, MI) meeting is this Tuesday, June 9, at 7pm. Everyone is welcome.

Rick Chownyk will be demonstrating aluminum casting and Gene David (Portland, MI) will be showing off his steam-powered motorcycle in progress. Plus, there will be the usual assortment of 5-minute presentations — bring cool demos. Topics in the past have ranged from metal casting to PCB design to web-based home automation and everything in-between.

Door prizes! Circuit Cellar Ink sent GO Tech a box of goodies – magazines plus some development systems.

The meeting is at 7 pm at A2 MechShop, a shared technical office/shop space located at 240 Parkland Plaza, Ann Arbor, MI 48103 on the west side of Ann Arbor, MI, off of Jackson between Zeeb and Wagner.

They have a video projector (VGA, composite), wireless internet, copier, etc. If you have an idea for a talk longer than five minutes, let them know.

GO Tech (formerly NotBAGO) is a meeting for Ann Arbor area readers of MAKE Magazine, Circuit Cellar, Home Shop Machinist, Kevin Kelly’s Cool Tools, Slashdot, etc. That is, people who are interested in and make things using technology, whether that’s a metal cutting lathe or a Python script. A kind of generalized mixture of CerealBar, Dorkbot, Oxford Geek night, and Portland Machinist Guild. GO Tech includes machinists, electrical engineers, software folks, industrial control types, and so on. They share projects, information about tools and ideas, and connect with like-minded people.

Meetings are generally the second Tuesday of the month at 7PM.

More info here.


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