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Make:  Projects – Thermochromic Maker’s Notebook


Here’s an easy hack for your Maker’s Notebook that’s sure to get noticed: Buy some thermochromic liquid crystal (LC) film and attach it to the cover! Originally I bought LC film from US suppliers and tried gluing it on. I tested three different adhesives (3M Super77, DAP Weldwood Contact Cement, and Elmer’s Craft Glue) and ruined one notebook and several pieces of film before discovering this self-adhesive LC film available from MUTR in the United Kingdom. (The 30x45cm size is necessary.) It works great! I cut two rectangles [5 3/8″ (13.65 cm) x 6 7/8″ (17.46 cm)] using a swing arm paper cutter, peeled off the protective backing, and carefully smoothed the film in place on both front and back covers, first with my fingers, and then using a rolling pin. See the video for some cool thermochromic effects.

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