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(Cupcake CNC image from MakerBot Industries)

Bruce Wattendorf is organizing a weekend of RepRap and MakerBot hacking at AS220 Labs, 115 Empire Street, Providence RI on June 12, 13, and 14:

The team will be building a MakerBot, a DIY open source 3D printer. The build will be organized as a series of sessions, so you can help AS220 build a MakerBot and learn about electronics, 3D printing, and the design of the bot. The meeting will kick off Friday night, June 12 at AS220 Labs (2nd floor) from 7-8:30pm to come up with a schedule for the weekend.

There’s no charge for this summit, but you can help AS220 by entering in a raffle to win your own MakerBot: Raffle Ticket for MakerBot Cupcake CNC

3D Printing Summit this weekend: learn about Makerbots and RepRaps!


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