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Bridesmaid Invites
Elise Blaha of Enjoy It is getting married next April and created these spectacular bridesmaid invites.
Elise writes:

I am planning on having five bridesmaids (and a possible sixth depending on the Peace Corps and the price of flights from Guatemala) and I asked them via phone, email or text message last week. I told each girl to wait for the “official invite” which would come in the mail.
I printed up 4 different cards for each girl: 1. who they were, 2. what they might be wearing, 3. the events they would be attending and 4. “I promise to not be a crazy-nut bride”. Each card was typeset in Photoshop (that lovely font is Susie’s Hand) and then printed onto an A6 card.

Read more details of how Elise made her bridesmaid invites on her blog, Enjoy It.
Bridesmaid Invites2