flashback_ doherty_crobot.png
While we’re cranking away here at headquarters on the next issue (Volume 18) of our sister publication MAKE, themed Robots, I can’t help but to Flashback to Beth Doherty‘s iconic Cro-bots from way back in CRAFT Volume 01. The design is simple enough that there’s plenty of room for personalizing your Cro-bot to reflect your unique style. Here is the front and back of Beth’s finished Cro-bot:

checkin_in_beth_doherty_Robot.front.jpg checkin_in_beth_doherty_Robot.back.jpg

It’s so much fun to see how peeps modded the Cro-bot. Here are 8 Cro-bots created by crafters and posted to Flickr. Clockwise, from top left, the Flickr peeps (and bot creators) are: beliael, disco smurf, knitbitch, tattis cuties, luv2stitch, craftapalooza, thebodee, and RunnyCustard:

1_crobot_beliael.jpg crobot_disco_smurf.jpg crobot_knitbitch.jpg crobot_tattis_cuties.jpg
crobot_RunnyCustard.jpg crobot_thebodee.jpg crobot_craftapalooza.jpg crobot_luv2stitch.jpg

Here is the Cro-bot project in our Digital Edition so you can crochet your own little robot army.
And you can still pick up a back issue of Volume 01, our Premier Issue, in the Maker Shed.