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Anne Collins of PointClickHome.com shows you the process of how she made her amazing birch log table. All for only $80 in materials and a wood saw with a few screws and nails she recreated a $2,000 design piece. So stylish!

14 thoughts on “How-To: Build a Birch Log Table

  1. I went over and read the full “how-to”. Totally seems do-able. Maybe with a little elbow grease, but i am going to give that one a try, my wife will love it!

  2. I have seen similar tables before, but they are usually all small logs. I love the texture, and variation in size between the logs, looks great next to your sleek chairs.

  3. $80 in materials? A $2,000 design piece? Twelve hours of work? For that? Seriously, in what dream world you do live in if you think a stack of cord wood is “stylish”? It’s a stack of firewood! I swear, I will never understand the uselessness of yuppie-hipsters.

  4. I agree with the first poster. Who the f**k would pay $2000, let alone $80 for a table that’s *guaranteed* to make you lose small things in its many gaps.
    Seriously, did no-one engage their brain before designing, making, copying or posting about this ill-considered idea?

  5. @Mig, you could easily lay a glass top on it to prevent losing little things, but mainly I’m here to remind you to be nice in our comments. We encourage constructive criticism, but really, if you don’t like it, then don’t make it.

  6. This is an excellent for me-our winter freeze cause several large birch branches to snap and have to be cut down for safety reasons, many I will use to create posts for my gardens, but this simple idea would be great for my circular white garden (mostly white plants with a few lavendar and pinks thrown in around a large expanse of grass with white clover planted in a circular shpe as well) and I will probably make a smaller, lower version as a seat for my young grandaughter to sit by her fairy/elf house I made out of a large rhodedendron root. Thanks!

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