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Xtended Xtracycle deal for makers



Our friends at Xtracycle have extended their maker special. They lent us some of their Radish bikes during Maker Faire, and they were major eye-catchers. The FreeRadical is a nifty add-on to extend the end of your bike, making more room to haul stuff and passengers. Once you’ve got your bike’s backseat all set up, use their DIY tutorial vids to trick it out even further, like this DIY kickstand mod.


Xtracycle Radish deal for Makers

12 thoughts on “Xtended Xtracycle deal for makers

    1. Nope, we just like their entrepreneurship and quality products that have a sincere DIY sensibility. Without a welding shop, the FreeRadical is a really neat bike add-on.

  1. $400? and that’s the discounted price, yikes! I’d be willing to bet that for that kind of money, you could get an ok used welding setup (brazing or stick), the conduit and fiddly bits to build it, and have enough left over to get a used bike to put it on… or you could buy it already put together and not have the tools for the next project.

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