In the Maker Shed: MAKE: Warranty Voider – Leatherman
MKWVP4-2 copy.jpg

Small enough to fit on your key chain, the MAKE Warranty Voider is the perfect companion for mobile fixing, hacking and MacGyvering. This is a limited offering with custom “MAKE: Warranty Voider” laser lovingly etched with care using a 35w laser.

More about the MAKE: Warranty Voider – Leatherman “Squirt” P4 (plier version)

2 thoughts on “In the Maker Shed: MAKE: Warranty Voider – Leatherman

  1. Check out the cover story in this month’s Smithsonian magazine. I do believe the gentleman pictured on the cover is using a Warranty Voider! You can’t actually see it in the cover photo, but there is a similar shot inside the article which seems to show him using our beloved tool to fix his robot’s gripper. It’s definitely a red P4, and I think, given his area of work, it is pretty safe to assume it’s one of yours…

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