With summer vacations, trips, and occasions either being planned or in full force as we speak, you’re sure to end up with an external hard drive’s worth of images from your adventures. There are certainly no shortage of crafty ways to display and showcase those money shots, and one super fun way is by making your own custom coloring book with a batch of images. This week’s flashback feature comes from CRAFT Volume 06, the Play issue. “Color Your World” by Summer Block Kumar shows you how to make coloring books with your images in 7 easy steps. All you need is a computer (I know you have that one!), Adobe Photoshop software, digital photos of your choosing, a color printer, acid-free heavy-stock paper, a binding machine (or check out the plethora of binding DIYs online), and crayons or colored pencils. And besides the coolness factor, they make great souvenir gifts.
Check out the full tutorial here in our Digital Edition and start sifting through your pics.
You can also still get the feel of a back issue of Volume 06 in your hands by heading to the Maker Shed. Our 30 fun-packed projects include mix and match monsters, a flashy LED hula hoop, super cute Japanese “otedama” juggling toys, a thumb piano from found objects, a reversible wrap-around skirt, solar jewelry, fig wine, a tablecloth skirt, and cardboard chairs … and that’s not even the half of it!