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Flying Loft Musical Bed


Tarver’s instrument is unique to say the least. I recently spent some time with him to witness his invention first-hand and was taken aback. High above his loft, entangled into the foundation, sits his creation. It is a beautiful expression of do-it-yourself ingenuity that is one part concrete and two parts found objects. The interlocking elements and nautical details distinguish its custom look and feel. Tarver’s ability to reconcile the geometry of its construction proves necessary in achieving musical harmony. Witnessing the instrument being played can only be described as extraordinary.

Tarver, details the precision involved in achieving the sublime resonance which bellows from the instrument:

The main beam was built up with a pair of 2×8’s glued together at the outside edge, blocking a short way in along the joists, a 3/8″ plywood stress-skin bottom, and concrete fill in the cells. The platform is not supported with any post(s) from the ground, but rather suspended from the I-beam in the ceiling with the 2-inch square hollow steel bar. The steel post terminates in a concrete finial which supports eight steel wires that go from corner to corner. The rings which anchor the wires are supported with railway spikes.

[flickr video=3653273741 secret=efd4f94e53 w=600 h=338]

A big thank you to all those involved. Check out the rest of the photos on Flickr.