Based on the Twitter LED Scroller by David Nichols, Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories built out this RGB Twitter scroller on a Meggy Jr.

In this video (embedded above), we start out scrolling slowly and then advance to a faster rate by pressing buttons on the arrow keys on the laptop’s keyboard– interesting that you can still read it when it’s much faster, but it does take a moment to adjust to the faster speed. (We’ve posted a second video as well, that’s a little more “ambient.”)

As we have it configured here, the Meggy Jr scrolls through the 5 most recent tweets of folks that we follow, and then repeats. Between repeat cycles, if enough time has elapsed, it also checks to see if there are new updates. The history length (number of tweets to repeat) and time delay are adjustable, subject to Twitter query rate limits.

In the Maker Shed:

Meggy Jr. RGB Kit