LOLrioKART: Dancing in the rain

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LOLrioKART: Dancing in the rain

Well, classes are finally over, and people like Charles can finally settle down to the important work of…extreme grocery carting:


While I seem to be in “build season” mode year-round, it is during long breaks with little in the way of academic or life obligations that I get the most done. Last summer, I began work on LOLrioKart and built Ãœberclocker, Pop Quiz 2, and Nuclear Kitten for Dragon*Con.

So, for many of us, summer has arrived. Whether you are a teacher, student or neither, you likely have some essential experiment, project, mission or other task for the curious long days ahead. Fill us in through the comments, and point out some links so that we can see your winter and spring dreams come to summer’s reality.
[via MITers]

14 thoughts on “LOLrioKART: Dancing in the rain

  1. chuxx0r says:

    when it stops raining in Boston (some time in the next 192 years) there will be more video.

  2. svofski says:

    i lolld

  3. Fred says:

    Somewhere there is a store owner out $150 for the loss of this cart.

    1. tweekskratch says:

      that’s not always the case. Some supermarkets will give you a cart if it’s broken, or in need of repair. Most of the time it’s the casters that need replacing which can be pretty inexpensive. But if this one was “borrowed”, yes he’s out 150 :)

  4. tweekskratch says:

    Mario Kart anyone? I got dibs on Toad… :)

  5. TJ says:

    Readers may be interested in an in-depth Q&A with LOLrioKart creator Charles Guan that is featured on the GoCollege blog site:


  6. Anonymous says:

    This thing shot by me when I was walking through MIT a couple of months ago. It was really moving. It was almost silent. And there was a girl riding on the back!
    Good amount of torque…

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