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Raygun Gothic Rocketship

The Raygun Gothic Rocketship is an impressive large-scale installation piece in the works by the same fine crew that created the Steampunk Treehouse. The rough sketch above gives a general sense of perspective (plus it just looks cool); the highest point of the structure is 40 feet. From the site:

The Raygun Gothic Rocketship is an immersive rocket base environment consisting of a tall metal rocket connected via walkway to a taller gantry with a well-defined lighted perimeter. Participants can interactively explore the rocket’s three interior chambers accessible through the bottom of the rocket and the top of the rocket via the gantry. Aesthetically the project will be done in a rococo retro-futurist vernacular between yesterday’s tomorrow and the future that never was, a critical kitsch somewhere between The Moons of Mongo & Manga Nouveau.

Inside, the three circular rooms have windows and are connected by ladders. There is a control room, a bio lab and observatory, and an engine room. All of the project’s specs are listed in detail on the site. Naturally, the piece is headed to Black Rock City, NV, for this year’s Burning Man.

Here are some fun video highlights of the Rocketship:

If you’re in the Bay Area, hurry on over to the Desert Arts Preview going on as we speak (6:30 – 10 p.m.) at 1590 Bryant Street in San Francisco. Sean Orlando, Nathaniel Taylor, and David Shulman will speak on the past, present, and future exploits of the Raygun Gothic Rocketship. “Questions will be answered. Death rays will be autographed. Mysteries will be revealed. Surprises will be had. All are most heartily invited.”


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