So why is the grass nearly up to the window? Even if you just lived through the rains of 2009, your neighbors probably expect you to do your suburban duty of maintaining your piece of the neatly trimmed green ribbon of society. Since yours is likely a four-stroke gasoline engine, you might enjoy this visualization of the motor. Check out this troubleshooting guide to determine which end of the mower needs attention. If you can get that lawn beast going yourself, you can hopefully keep it out of the shop.

According to Greenscapes, by keeping your blade sharp and your lawn a bit on the high side, the ground will retain moisture, helping it to be more drought-tolerant.

If you’re looking for some real lawn fun, maybe you can figure out how to make your own lawn crop circles, or try this lazy lawn mowing technique. Of course, using a robot to mow the lawn could be more fun than vacuuming the floor.

Where do you look for good troubleshooting help on repairing your mower?