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Flying furniture

These are some fascinating uses for airplane components from MotoArt.

Blow your friends away with the MK-84 Aqua Bomb. This piece will compliment your environment and will add a little tranquility to any home or office. Fabricated with an MK-84 bomb tail fin assembly, a 10-gallon Plexiglas fish tank and a spun aluminum dome cap. Standing at 80″ tall, the AquaBomb is completely self-contained with a built-in pump, filter and lighting. Fish not included.

The B-52 ejection chair is a festive option for seating.

via Gizmag

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  1. I’m pretty sure they were the subject of a reality show on Discovery a few years back. “Wingnuts” I believe.

  2. Thanks for the interest in our product. Our 10 gallon MK-84 Aqua Bomb is a blast for fish and owners alike! Keep an eye on MotoArt for our upcoming products!


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