Tom Phillipson, an Australian electronic musician, sent us a link to this YouTube video of his portable performance rig, housed in a Pelican case.

The setup consists of a modified Pelican case that enables the rack mounting of equipment. This means I can be setup and ready to play in under 4 minutes. Hardware includes Virus Snow, Virus C, M-Audio Audiophile, Numark CM200USB 5 Channel Mixer, Novation SL25 Compact, iPod + TouchOSC.

The custom patch bay includes XLR Lamp XLR & RCA OUT, RCA IN to Channel 5 fader, RCA IN to input on Virus C, RCA IN to line in on M-Audio.

He says it took about five months to complete and was all designed, constructed, and soldered together by himself.

Pelican Case MOD – Live Setup