Who is this man and what is he smiling about? Pictured above is our very own Copy Chief Keith Hammond, and he’s grinning ear to ear for a number of reasons. First, he’s doing what he loves best. Second, he just caught a wave in the salty cold waters of Northern California on a board that he made himself. And, he used a kit from Greenlight that uses natural, non-toxic, and sustainable materials that won’t trash our planet. That’s plenty to smile about right there. To boot, on January 1st, we posted things we want to make in 2009 and Keith had said he wanted to make this board. Good work, soldier!

Keith sits right next to me in our workspace at MAKE headquarters, and it was a blast watching him work a shapeless piece of EPS foam into a beautiful surfboard, down to adding the personalized graphics touches. Keith lives to surf, and that passion came through loud and clear in his build.

Ready to build your own? Check out Keith’s step-by-step DIY article in MAKE, Volume 19. If you’re a subscriber, your copy should be shipping in the next few days; newsstand date is August 18th.

make volume 19 cover.gif