Tinker it now! has a little write-up about the recent Music Hackday in London, hosted by the Guardian:

We had a great time last weekend at Music Hackday hosted by the Guardian as so many events in London in the past months. The idea behind the event was for developers to interact with online music services such as Soundcloud and Last.fm and build hacks. We tried to make that more physical and for people to interact with those APIs in a physical way somehow.

++ Peter Knight, our Senior Engineer (of Auduino fame) ran a lovely quick intro to Arduino and then it was all about the hacking and I thought I’d report on what people ended up making (among other great projects).

++ Andie Nordgren made a lovely internet of things project where physical objects embedded with RFID tags could trigger your favorite song on SoundCloud.

++ Rain Ashford used the Lilypad Arduino to trigger a cat to sing and display tweets.

++ Finally the winner of the Tinker.it! Hacking Prize was Alistair McDonald and Mr Duck who built a lovely percussion machine.

++ Peter also took the opportunity to launch Cantarino, a speech synth library for the Arduino. Watch it sing Daisy Bell and make your own!

Music Hackday report