Persimmon wine: patience pays

Persimmon wine

bbum’s posted the results of his latest project. It looks very tasty:

The sweet essence of persimmon is both present in the nose and in the flavor. And the characteristic astringency of persimmon carries through, too, giving the wine a slight “pucker” at the end…

And this was an exercise in patience. Despite an iffy initial impression, the final result seems to have wowed its maker:

Way back in February, I racked the persimmon wine between the various glass carboys to get it off the yeast poo (lees).

At the time, the two carboys showed 11.5% and 12.5% ABV. Not bad. But it didn’t taste very good in early March/April; way too bitter and *bleh*.

So, I let it sit until last week. The flavors have mellowed and, chilled, it is quite a drinkable beverage.

Make: Persimmon Wine Finished!

As a bonus, check out bbum’s forced carbonation rig, which he used on a couple bottles of the persimmon wine:

forced carbonation


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