Steampunk multitool?

Here’s an interesting take on the multitool, it’s called a Harp Tool ($40), because it resembles something of a harp when it’s closed. Tools include slotted- and Phillips-head screwdrivers, punch/awl, saw, corkscrew, file and small/large-head hammer (which doubles as a bottle opener). Stored in a leather carrying case.

byrd 8Tool Harp [Thanks, Daniel Carnes!]

14 thoughts on “Steampunk multitool?

  1. It looks like it’d be really easy to slip and stab yourself in the palm while trying to bear down on a tight screw if you have to grib all the rest of the tools in order to use one of them.

  2. Yeah, I’d like to see someone actually using this to see how it works. It doesn’t seem a practical arrangement for the reason you suggest. I find even a regular multitool cumbersome sometimes when using the drivers. But maybe it LOOKS like more of an issue here than it actually is in practice.

  3. re “steampunk”: now if it was brass and had tiny gears to fold out the tools, it would be steampunk. ;)

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