Katherine at ReadyMade is trying to make it a week without using plastic, and coming to terms with the issues that a restriction like that illuminates. After her first day, she had a lot to think about, and I liked her set of questions:

• What material exactly are the “man-made soles” of my shoes made out of?

• Are rubber bands made of plastic?

• What did meat used to be packaged in for sales and serving—before, say, World War II? When did plastic come in for meat? What is meat sold and stored in in other countries?

• Is there any place in this city where I can buy some raw meat without its being packed in plastic?

• Are the little stickers on fruit made of plastic?

• How can I store vegetables and fruits in my refrigerator and not use plastic?

• Is there any viable alternative to plastic garbage-can liners for my kitchen?

• I buy a lot of foods like rice and nuts and beans that come in plastic bags. Are there ways to get and store these in other types of packaging?