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Hat Heads: 1 Man + 2 Knitting Needles = 50 Fun Hat Designs by Trond Anfinnsen, aka Knitkid
For the last 8 or 9 years, I spend many winters knitting hats for babies, kids, and adults to give as gifts for the holidays. After a while, as I find my groove with my favorite patterns, the novelty wears off and after a few weeks of knitting it gets boring for me. Picking up the new book, Hat Heads by Trond Anfinnsen, I’ve found my new knitting hat inspiration.
Norwegian Anfinnsen aka Knitkid taught himself to knit and made custom knit hats for each of his friends where each design is inspired by their personality. He decided to document it as an interactive art project and teamed with photographer Klaus Skrudland to take portraits of each recipient in his or her hat. You can see all the photos of The Knitting Project on his web site. The book provides a complete knitting pattern for each hat including a chart for the intarsia pattern. I can’t stop staring at the light blue and red hat worn by Silje on the cover above. In that hat, Anfinnsen tried to “convey the feel of a stylish piece of furniture…to match her chic city image.” Love it!
I also love the hat worn by Ingvild (pictured bottom left) who has a pink eagle because she’s “both strong and sweet” as well as the ones worn by Erik (bottom center), and Tonje (bottom right). Anfinnsen also covers how to knit as well as how to design your own unique hat. Hat Heads is the perfect book if you are an avid hat knitter or are need more knitting inspiration.
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