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Ubiq_01 points out this vid demonstrating the use of a wiimote over iPhone’s bluetooth connections –

The video first shows the iPhone’s AirPlane mode activated before starting an OpenGL-ES Demo. In the demo, the orientation of the virtual WiiMote is controlled by a physical WiiMote over a Bluetooth connection. For this demo, the portable Bluetooth Stack from the BTstack project was used.

The OpenGL-ES code was based on the excellent tutorial by Simon Maurice. Thanks, this is my first OpenGL program.

20 thoughts on “iPhone + Wiimote … together at last

  1. Using the iPhone as a remote controller seems more fun than using the wiimote to control the iPhone.
    Still, it is an interesting idea.

    1. I agree. Better still, make the iPhone use the same protocol as the wiimote (any patent issues?), then we can use it with our Wiis. :-P

  2. I’m pretty sure this is faked (very well though). The iPhone is in airplane mode which disables all wireless antennas, including the bluetooth. That’s not something you can override. Second, the wiimote lights never stop blinking, meaning the wiimote never connected or paired with anything.

    1. This is where you are wrong. His iPhone is obviously jailbroken, which means that wireless features can be enabled even if the airplane mode appears to be on.

      Secondly, I have a program for connecting a wiimote to my computer, and even after you establish a connection between the two, the lights on the wiimote continue to blink. Just because the lights are blinking doesn’t mean that the wiimote hasn’t been paired yet.

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