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The Big Gulp

A MAKE reader sent this to me, they call it the “Big Gulp” – have a clever title for this? Post it up in the comments!

72 thoughts on “The Big Gulp

    1. “That’s what we call an “Alabama stretch limo”.”

      Last time I looked out the window we didn’t have mountains like that in Alabama (Or snow for that matter, or 7 Elevens ).

      I’d think down here we would call it a “Utah Stretch Limo”.

  1. Well, ya see, there was mary-lou, billybob, the twins, ma and pa, and well, gosh darnit it kinda just made sense….

  2. Slap some paint on there and I think it would look half decent.

    Well, for a super-stretched monstrosity, that is. ;)

  3. hmm, maybe keep the attacks on groups of people or entire sections of the USA to a minimum k guys?

    i’m hoping for titles like “Maximizing your cash-for-clunkers trader in”…


  4. In my best Jeff Foxworthy: If you mowed your lawn, found 8 trucks, made them into one big truck and STILL don’t have enough room for all your kids… you might be a redneck.

  5. Makes me think of the drive in (long ago) that charged per vehicle rather than per person. Amazing how many people fit into various old Plymouths.

  6. How about this: Stupid and Pointless. Just because you /can/ does not mean you /should/. And honestly, Phil, if rednecks didn’t enjoy the constant mockery, then they would probably do something about it. Luckily, most tornadoes do an awesome, environmentally friendly job of keeping the trailer park population down to a minimum.

    1. i think it’s possible to come up with a clever title of this photo without slamming an entire group of people or section of the country – makers are from all over, we make things – that’s what we have in common. modding a truck like this is just as much of a hobby as someone’s burningman art car hobby.

  7. Yes, remember it’s New York with the budget problems, high unemployment, crumbling infrastructure, and out-of-control crime.

    Southern states are doing just fine.

    1. Seriously, these comments are lame.

      Do y’all think Makers are exclusively suburbanites who sit around their garages teaching arduino-bots to avoid walls? Because a lot of that making happens out in the country where people have the land, time, and inclination to tinker on a much larger scale.

      And they wonder why Southern states are alienated. I think I’ll stay in Tejas, where the taxes are low, the freedoms are plentiful, and there are a whole lot less people who’ll mock a perfect stranger.

      1. Hey Team America, I mean commenters, let’s not try to police the comments just cause we don’t agree with peoples’ point of view. Guess what they’re opinions, everyone has them especially on this weird place called the internet.

        Oh and BTW it’s Texas, not “TEJAS”, it got annexed in 1945.

      2. “there are a whole lot less people who’ll mock a perfect stranger. ”

        Well, yeah, thats true, they’ll shoot em before ever getting to mocking em !

  8. Canyonero, Twelve yards long, two lanes wide,Sixty five tons of American pride! rest of simpson’s theme park coming soon

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