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Toy control panel is an awesome gift

From the MAKE Flickr pool

Jeff of the Mighty Ohm built this sweet interactive panel of lights, switches, & more for his nephew Harrison’s first birthday. What an awesome uncle! This would have been many times cooler than the Fisher-Price steering wheel most of us had as tots – I know my spaceship adventures would have benefitted from a numeric keypad and some LEDs. Read & see more of the project on the Mighty Ohm blog.

4 thoughts on “Toy control panel is an awesome gift

  1. A friend of the family made me a similar box in the early 70s. It had a batch of working small light bulbs in recessed/covered holes, a buzzer and alarm bell with load of toggle switches to turn them on/off, as well as a batch of assorted knobs and jumpers that did nothing. I played with that thing in various ways for a decade.

  2. My wonderful father made me something very similar when I was around five, and he is a chef. Whilst it triggered my love of electronics, sadly I lack the imagination to make things like this for my own boys.

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