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We here at MAKE and CRAFT are big on being green. That’s why we are so excited about these new Fuji EnviroMAX batteries that are safe for the environment — so much so that we are giving away these green batteries to 2 random CRAFT readers today! Just leave a comment to this post telling us why you want these batteries. Make sure you enter in your email address in the form field (won’t be published). All comments will be closed on Tuesday, August 11th at 10am PST. Good luck!
Here’s more about the Fuji EnviroMAX batteries:

The materials that make up a Fuji EnviroMAX battery are derived from the basic elements of the Earth. There is nothing inside a Fuji EnviroMAX battery that will harm the environment if it is disposed of through normal waste systems. A few reasons why are that Fuji EnviroMAX batteries contain no harmful mercury, cadmium – nor are they packaged with dangerous (and non-recyclable) PVC plastic. Instead, Fuji EnviroMAX batteries are made in some of the world’s most eco-respectful battery plants, operating under some of the most strict standards of environmental responsibility. In fact, most of all resources used in the Fuji EnviroMAX manufacturing process are reused and recycled! What’s more, Fuji EnviroMAX batteries are labeled and packaged with recycled paper and P.E.T. plastic. The result is batteries that meet a world standard for environmental responsibility and recyclable materials. And no other batteries are so respectful of our environment as Fuji EnviroMAX.

92 thoughts on “Giveaway: Fuji EnviroMAX Batteries

  1. At the end of August my husband and I are embarking on an eco-friendly road trip honeymoon to see the major National Parks of the West, including Yosemite, the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone. We’re making our trip eco-friendly by renting a hybrid car (probably a prius depending on availability) and by making sure we generate as little trash as possible by using non-disposable containers. We even bought an old 1940’s metal cooler instead of a new plastic one! I think that the addition of some eco-friendly batteries to use in our cameras and LED lantern would be perfect for our honeymoon!

  2. Why WOULDN’T I want these batteries! They sound freakin’ awesome and I use batteries a lot for my cameras! Thanks for doing the giveaway! I hope I win!

  3. I’d use these batteries to power our cameras as we explore the beautiful state we just moved to…Alaska!

  4. I always need batteries for something in my house because I have so many little gadgets, and I would LOVE to use my beloved gadgetss with “green” batteries. I am always trying to save the environment in any way I can, and this is combining my love for toys and my love for the environment. PLEASE!!! I’m begging!

  5. My husband has more video games consoles and controllers laying around than you can shake a stick at. We go through a lot of batteries (even rechargeables) and I’d love to give some eco-friendly ones a shot!

  6. I modded my dremel tool to run off of AA batteries. These batteries would be great to use as a rechargeable option; because I seem to use of Duracel AAs fairly quickly; and then I feel bad tossing them out.

  7. We are a non-profit ( that supplies holiday gifts to needy childen during holiday time. It would be great to be able to test these batteries in the electronic toys that are donated to us. We can request these batteries when people are purchasing gifts that need batteries. These batteries would teach the young children at an early age about recycling.

  8. We burn through a lot of batteries in our house…baby toys, remotes, my silly projects….my wife doesn’t like the rechargables I bought, so I’d love to give an “eco-friendly” alternative a shot.
    Plus, I want to test them to see how they fare versus traditional batteries :D

  9. I’m writing not to try to win these, but to point out why the ad copy they sent you is stupid. They say that they are “derived from the basic elements of the Earth”, and imply that this is why they don’t contain mercury and cadmium. Guess what, green-washing geniuses! Mercury and cadmium are 2 of the basic elements of the Earth! I’m not saying that that makes Hg and Cd good, but it sure shows that just because it’s “basic elements of the Earth” doesn’t mean that it’s something you want to put in your mouth!

  10. With a toddler and a little baby on the way I use tons of batteries. Lots of toys, baby monitors, cameras, and even the thermometer require batteries in my house. We try to use rechargeable but we often don’t have the time to wait. Eco-friendly sounds so much easier than rechargeable when you’re pressed for time and patience.

  11. I would love to try out these batteries in my camera…my birthday’s coming up, maybe I could take some pictures then.

  12. I would love to try out these batteries… we go through lots of batteries so it is great to have an alternative with less environmental impact.

  13. What an awesome concept — eco friendly batteries. Shoot yes, I’d love to try them. We have several items that eat batteries at our home, rechargeable batteries are wonderful.

  14. I use rechargeable batteries whenever I can, and even hand-crank flashlights when possible. But even rechargeable batteries wear out and must be disposed of. I’d love to try batteries that leave fewer harmful traces when I’m done with them!

  15. These sound lovely! I would definitely appreciate them and would enjoy showing them off to my fellow college students – we’re going to be the green generation! Good luck to everyone!

  16. I would love to try rechargeable batteries that are eco-friendly. We use a lot of rechargeable batteries our video games, flashlights, tealights & candles, and cameras. These would be great for my Wii controller. I have Wii Fit and just got a rechargeable pack for the board.
    Thank you for the chance to win some enviromentally safe batteries. I normally take all my others to the camera store to let them dispose of them when they will no longer hold a charge. I also take regular batteries in there as well as hubby thinks we need to have those for the Smoke and Carbon Monoxide monitors.

  17. I see that they are Alkaline batteries. But I would still like to try them. Like I said….Hubby likes to have regular batteries around.

  18. I’ve been having trouble with the batteries in my camera keeping a charge, so I’d love to try these out!

  19. I would love to have these batteries to add to my stash. I’ve been slowly running down the non-rechargeables still lingering around the house and recycling them at the library, but buying new rechargeables are expensive!

  20. I have just discovered rechargable batteries and absolutley love them. Hope I get a chance to try Fuji EnviroMax in my Fuji camera!

  21. I’ve been collecting our used batteries to take to our local Household Hazardous Waste Facility. . . FIFTEEN POUNDS of batteries (so far). Fuji EnviroMAX batteries would be a wonderful alternative to use in my family’s flashlights, remotes, and especially our video game controllers!

  22. Pretty Cool! I hadn’t heard of this type of battery before. While I try to get my son battery-less toys, we do have some gifts that need batteries and they seem to die quickly. I could always use more.

  23. I take a million digital pictures and blow through my rechargeable camera batteries so fast – it would be lovely to try something non-toxic! Thanks for featuring such a neat innovation.

  24. My husband and I are constantly at odds because I want to be green and use rechargeable batteries but he hates their short life. This would be the perfect compromise!

  25. I want these batteries because some of the battery-powered things in my apartment take 6 batteries a piece! 6! That’s way to many to just dispose of!

  26. oooooo Score! I’ve tried using rechargeables but the things I use AA’s for I need slooooooow discharge- cordless mouse and keyboard, point and shoot camera. When I was in high school I was super dedicated to rechargeables- putting in new alkalines in my discplayer every two days would have been really wasteful and not just on my wallet. It seems like everything else has moved to rechargeable- mp3 player, cell phone, my DSLR, except the stuff that takes AA and AAAs.

  27. I want these batteries because I seriously need some! I didn’t even know about these before, they sound amazing! :)

  28. the deer in the ad wants me to save him by using these small, yet powerful battery cells to destroy all the mercury in the world. All hail the green power charger!

  29. what’s not to like! I’d love to have these for all those unavoidable things that need batteries.

  30. What a great idea! Yes please. I would like some for my ancient walkman tape player – it is very eco friendly as I am still using it after 25 years!

  31. My husband and I love to hike in the beautiful mountains in which we live. We try to follow the “leave no trace” principle, taking nothing but pictures while out in nature. These eco-friendly batteries would be a great way for us to further that principle by leaving an even smaller footprint once our camera batteries bite the dust–and unfortunately, even the rechargeables poop out eventually. Thank you for hosting the give-away!

  32. i keep forgetting batteries at the store thought :( if i don’t win some batteries may i win some post its?(i keep forgetting to buy those too)

  33. I eat batteries. I don’t know how I do it, but I do. I take them to the recycling bin at the library, but it would be awesome to see how these fit into my life!

  34. I travel with my job. I take my camera with me, and having a better battery option would be wonderful. Right now, I use rechargeable batteries, but they will eventually exhaust their life. My camera seems to burn through batteries, so I would love to try these out.

  35. I’d love to win these batteries. It seems like every time I want to use a flashlight, radio, or anything that uses batteries, they’re dead!

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