Energy & Sustainability

We here at MAKE and CRAFT are big on being green. That’s why we are so excited about these new Fuji EnviroMAX batteries that are safe for the environment — so much so that we are giving away these green batteries to 2 random CRAFT readers today! Just leave a comment to this post telling us why you want these batteries. Make sure you enter in your email address in the form field (won’t be published). All comments will be closed on Tuesday, August 11th at 10am PST. Good luck!
Here’s more about the Fuji EnviroMAX batteries:

The materials that make up a Fuji EnviroMAX battery are derived from the basic elements of the Earth. There is nothing inside a Fuji EnviroMAX battery that will harm the environment if it is disposed of through normal waste systems. A few reasons why are that Fuji EnviroMAX batteries contain no harmful mercury, cadmium – nor are they packaged with dangerous (and non-recyclable) PVC plastic. Instead, Fuji EnviroMAX batteries are made in some of the world’s most eco-respectful battery plants, operating under some of the most strict standards of environmental responsibility. In fact, most of all resources used in the Fuji EnviroMAX manufacturing process are reused and recycled! What’s more, Fuji EnviroMAX batteries are labeled and packaged with recycled paper and P.E.T. plastic. The result is batteries that meet a world standard for environmental responsibility and recyclable materials. And no other batteries are so respectful of our environment as Fuji EnviroMAX.