We’re starting to see some fine submissions to our Teach Your Family to Solder MAKEcation challenge. So far, it’s been mainly kids — very little kids. While we’re thrilled that MAKE readers aren’t Nanny State types who over-protect their children, we’d love to see some older kids, teens, and more grown-ups. We’re still offering Maker’s Notebooks to people who post their pics to the MAKE Flickr pool. So get to it!


MAKE pool member Digrat teaches his son Joseph how to solder a basic LED circuit.


The Irish Robotics Club ran a soldering workshop night, at Dublin’s Science Gallery. Participants built Mitch Altman’s Trippy RGB Waves kits.


Thomas Beckett writes of his son, “Kidrocket,” almost six, learning how to solder:

Shortly after [his first soldering picture] was taken, he got a little burn and I thought that would be it for soldering for a few years. But tonight, with just a little coaxing, he was back at it. The Wee Blinky kit we obtained from Maker Shed made the process a little easier. He and I alternated soldering joints and finished it up in no time. His excitement and satisfaction when the blinker came on was priceless to see. He is more educated and empowered today than he was ten days ago.

Way to go, Kidrocket!


Josiah Ritchie taught his three year old daughter how to solder — soldering form, anyway. He left the iron off, but tried to teach her a health respect for the iron, the danger of its heat, and the proper way to hold it. Nice form. What’s she working on there?

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